Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Tere Bin Gaurav and Shefali get intimate


This Diwali &TV’s sentimental adventure ‘Tere Bin’ will raise the temperature with some sentimental minutes amongst Vijaya and Akshay. Akshay (played by Gaurav Khanna) will understand his adoration for Vijaya (Shefali Sharma) and will see kissing her. Yes, you heard it right!

In the up and coming scenes, we will see Nandini visit Akshay’s home amid Diwali festivities with the mean to confound his wedded life. In the wake of taking in Nandini’s goals, Vijaya will attempt to draw near to Akshay keeping in mind the end goal to make her envious. Then again, Akshay who has understood his adoration for Vijaya will kiss her to express her emotions and this will leave Nandini in tears.

Gaurav Khanna said, “Shefali and I share a decent science and have been working with each other for quite a while. As we share a decent science there is a safe place in the two of us to while performing for a sentimental scene…..

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