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This is how SAB TV Baalveer will come to an end

The track of Baalveer (Dev Joshi) versus Prachandika (Nigaar Khan) will stamp the record of 1111 scenes of Baalveer (SABTV and Optimystix).

The resentful Prachandika will make a demand to Kalishk Tara to favor her with the endowment of eternality. While Kalishk will be not able concede the same, Prachandika would request for another desire of nobody having the capacity to kill her in either day or night or by any weapon or science.

Be that as it may, Kalishk Tara will consent to allow her this desire and Prachandika will go to Parilok to challenge the power and may of Rani Pari’s (Sudeepa Singh) royal position. Everybody in Parliok will get stunned by this noxious demonstration of Prachandika. It is here that she would uncover to everybody in Parilok on the desire that has been conceded to her by Kalishk Tara.

Tired of her underhanded demonstrations, Baalveer will choose to challenge Prachandika for a fight on Earth…..
How will Baalveer kill Prachandika with the wish that has been granted to her by Kalishk Tara? What will be Baalveer’s last message to his fans as the show ends.
Dev Joshi who plays the lead in Baalveer said, “While I am sad for the show to end. I am happy for the message the last episode is giving the fans of Baalveer that is the victory of good over evil and to stay happy always. I understand it’s important that I now have to focus on different things in the future like my education and fitness. I would like to thank my fans for all the love and support they have given be since the show started……

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