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Topsy Turvy Rahul tosses prostitution blame Pratyusha parents


It is very nearly a year of the youthful on-screen character Pratyusha Banerjee’s passing yet the debates encompassing her doesn’t appear to kick the bucket.

After the Balika Vadhu performer’s folks requested her case to revive and reinvestigated, things got appalling when a news report in Mumbai Mirror guaranteed that her beau Rahul Raj Singh had constrained her into prostitution driving her to end her life.

Presently another improvement for the situation has happened withRahul opening up to and sharing his side of the story.

He said, “Pratyusha’s folks have all of a sudden woken up to make inconveniences throughout my life. It’s been two months that the case was moving in the right bearing when all of a sudden they have proceeded with publicizing the last discussion amongst her and me. Be that as it may, let me illuminate that it is only a crazy story as I too have the records. What’s more, here, if the world peruses, Pratyusha was whining about her folks and never has she reprimanded me for anything…..
He also adds that the other case regarding Heer Patel mentioned by the publication is also false as the matter is yet to get a judgement from the court.
The actor-producer also has written an open letter to the Mumbai Mirror and its owner Vineet Jain which is as follows.
This is to bring to your notice that in edition of Mumbai Mirror dated 4th of November 2016,it is quite clear that standards and ethics of reporting have gone for a toss.Munish Pandey the said journalist has written two articles against me which are shockingly baseless,false and hit below the belt.There is of course a clear propaganda to malign my name further than it has already been done thanks to such callous reporting.However I have decided to take a stand and fight back today as I have all the proof to expose such a glaring and sinister ploy.
One article on page no.10 in today’s Mumbai Mirror states that I have been instructed by the High Court to deposit 20 lacs in the Heer Patel cheating case by the 1st of December.Let me clarify that no such judgement has been passed by the court,all of you can go to the Official website of the High Court and check the progress of this case.The case is still ongoing and no judgement has been given yet,in fact arguements have also not begun,we have been given a date i.e.1st December to be present at the High Court for further proceedings as the Court was closed recently because of Diwali.I had passed on the number of my lawyer Mr.Abad Ponda’s assistant,Shyam to the journalist Munish Pandey as well so that he could confirm the same from him.However no such call was made to Shyam yesterday.Clearly it was a calculated move on the part of the reporter.
Secondly,in the front page,the very same reporter writes that Neeraj Gupta has got hold of the last conversation between Pratyusha Banerjee and Myself where in she can be heard saying I have pushed her into prostitution.Hence I am attaching a part of the original chargesheet which holds our last phone call transcript.If you will go through it carefully,you will be able to read for urself that she is clearly blaming her parents for pushing her into prostitution and spoiling her name,at one point she can also be heard saying that she actually doubts her parentage.If you will read my part,I can be clearly heard reassuring her to not take all this seriously and to even file a case against her family for tarnishing her name.
It is evident from such worthless reporting that my name has been deliberately spoilt and the publication is manipulating and playing games.However one had expected Mumbai Mirror to act more responsibly,seems they are resorting to cheap thrills….I guess in a bid to boost their falling readership.Well I have furnished all the proof and now only two options are left…either Mumbai Mirror issue a public apology in tomorrow’s edition alongwith an apology from Munish Pandey OR I shall be forced to take Police and legal action against both the paper and the reporter.Munish Pandey especially should be asked to give up his job as a reporter as he clearly has no business in fabricating articles,probably he should consider a career in fiction.I have spoken to the Police as well and they too have extended their support and asked me to take the necessary action.I appeal to all of you to please support me after going through all the proofs and help me in clearing my name and in taking a stand against people with such cruel intent .
Thanks Rahul Raj Singh…..

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