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TV celebs promote cracker free Diwali


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The happy period of Diwali is here and it brings along some dhamaka as well!

Yes, it is the time when the sky gets lit up by beautiful saltines and nature turns all smoky.

Have we in an offered to make the celebration extraordinary gone a little over the edge? With contamination level rising and creatures confronting brunt of the noisy clamor and starts all around, our celebs have chosen to advance a ‘wafer free’ Diwali this year.

Do you feel it will exhaust? Worry not, for our performers have a portion of the best thoughts to make Diwali fun and exceptional….

Here check out…

Divyanka Tripathi

Diwali is the time to have fun and share love among your closed ones. Eat a lot of sweets and if you will miss crackers, blow balloons out of polythenes and burst them (laughs out loud).

Khushwant Walia

Rather than bursting crackers or in a way burning your money, how about all the members of residential complex hosting a buffet for the cleaners, plumbers, electrician and security guards of their society? Families could also invite their domestic helps as well. Treat them with a nice Diwali dinner than wasting money on crackers!!!

Rytasha Rathore

Don’t burst crackers because they are bad for environment. They create noise pollution and scare the dogs. So rather than that have a fun filled Diwali with your family members and spend a great time chilling with your friends.

Mayank Gandhi

I really believe that Diwali is the time when everyone deserves to enjoy. Rather than spending money on crackers, give that money to poor people so that the needy can also celebrate Diwali.

Jigyasa Singh

The idea of a cracker-free Diwali does not sound alien and more and more people are joining the league owing to the high environmental fluctuations we are facing. I am personally a strong supporter of a cracker-free Diwali, not just because I am aware about its dire consequences but also because I have spent an entire childhood indoors on Diwali because the pollution outside never suited me. I used to blame those crackers for spoiling my Diwali every year till I figured out ways to enjoy myself indoors. I think the idea of a ‘cracker free Diwali’ is amazing.

Dev Joshi

I want to have a fun and cracker free Diwali, watching SAB Ki Diwali. Crackers result in a lot of pollution to the environment and so I would request our viewers to not burst them. The festival of Diwali is an auspicious occasion to wish health and wellness to everyone. I request my fans to leave all the negativity aside and start this year with a fresh outlook…..

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