Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Udaan latest news Imli kill Suraj


Suraj had a battle with Chakor and rests in the storm cellar room. Sadly, Suraj gets conned by Imli. Imli and the goons point firearm at Suraj. Suraj awakens and sees all off them pointing weapons at him.

Suraj gets stunned and asks what is occurring. Imli says I can do anything to spare my family. She advises Suraj that she needs to spare Vivaan and can execute Suraj for this. Bhaiya ji and Imli get Suraj. Suraj gets stunned and can’t trust Imli can cheat him. He says when Chakor becomes acquainted with Imli shot him, she will never excuse Imli. Imli tells Suraj that he has no privilege on Chakor, as he has made Chakor take off.

Ranjana incited Suraj against Chakor, that Chakor is securing a frail Suraj and he is nothing without Chakor. Suraj got irate and requested that Chakor escape, he needn’t bother with anybody. Chakor needed to clarify Suraj that anybody can assault him on the off chance that he is separated from everyone else.

Imli needs to improve Vivaan’s life and Chakor and villagers free. Bhaiya ji kept the proposition for Imli, to consider Chakor, Vivan and villagers, and requesting that her execute Suraj. Imli fell in Bhaiya ji’s arrangement…..

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