Saturday , 3 December 2016
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Vijayendra Kumeria stylized avatar Colors Udann


We have seen Vijayendra Kumeria, our own one of a kind Sooraj from Udann, spruce up in an ordinary tough style as such!!

Be that as it may, for an up and coming grouping in the day by day, female aficionados of Vijayendra will be in for an astound with Sooraj wearing a chic suit.

A welcome change…right?

We hear that Ranjana (Ginni Virdi) will be resolved to bust the contradiction in the wedding of Sooraj and Chakor (Meera Deosthale). Subsequently, she will welcome a man to shoot a narrative on Chakor. Ranjana’s thought will be that Sooraj and Chakor would in the end battle and demonstrate to all that they are not content with each other.

This grouping will clear a path for a charming scene where Chakor will spruce up Sooraj in a suit and present him before the officer.

Vijayendra stayed inaccessible for a remark till the season of documenting the article.

Outfit to watch Sooraj in a fresh out of the plastic new symbol….

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