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Gurbani Judge famously known as VJ Bani. She was conceived in wonderful city of Chandigarh on 29th November 1987 and has done tutoring from Vivek secondary School. She additionally finished her school from a prestigious school from Allahabad.

Her vocation is truly assorted as she is a model, Video Jockey and a performer however Banj J rose to notoriety when she was chosen as a member in MTV Rodies season 4. She had an extraordinary begin to her vocation from the earliest starting point. In the wake of being rejected a few times, she at last got her shot in Roadies 4 in the year 2006. In spite of the fact that she didn’t win the opposition as she came up one place short as runner-up. Yet, she won the opposition of her life as she was facilitated the following 4 Roadies season which incorporates season 6,7,9 and 10.

She is prominently known for her affection for tattoos.

She additionally showed up in numerous well known motion pictures, for example, Aap Ka Suroor as Bani took after by an appearance in 2011 flick Soundtrack highlighting Rajeev Khandelwal and Soha Ali Khan.

Aside from her work on MTV, Bani has likewise extended her execution to the extra large screen. Bani made her fiction make a big appearance with Vikas Gupta’s period dramatization Rani Mahal. She was most recently seen in Punjabi film Zorawar as professional killer Zoya.

Presently, VJ Bani is taking part as challenger in part of the most questionable and watched Indian TV reality appear, Bigg Boss 10 on Colors channel….


Name: VJ Bani (Bani J)
Date Of Birth Birthday: November 29, 1987
Place of birth: Chandigarh
Age: 28
Religion: Hindu
Height: 5’3
Profession: Actress, Model, VJ
Martital Status Relationship Status: Single
Twitter: @bani_j
Facebook: @Bani J


2006 MTV Roadies (season 4) MTV India Runner-Up
2011 Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi (season 4) on Colors channel as Contestant
2015 I Can Do That (Zee TV)
2016 Bigg Boss 10 (Colors as Celebrity Contestant)

VJ Bani as Host

2008-09 MTV Roadies (season 6) MTV India
2009-10 MTV Roadies (season 7)
2012 MTV Roadies (season 9)
2008-09 MTV Roadies (season 10)
2009-10 MTV Roadies (season 11)
2012 MTV Roadies (season 12)
MTV Vogue Style in 60 (Season 1)
MTV Vogue Style in 60 (Season 2)
MTV Campus Diaries
MTV Unplugged


VJ Bani otherwise known as Gurbani Judge is seen in Bigg Boss Season 10. This season have an exceptional idea of Aam Aadmi going into the house alongside VIP members. The show is facilitated by Salman Khan. VJ Bani asks for Priyanka Jagga to be somewhat elegant. However, Priyanka holds a meeting with Manoj, Navin and Manveer. Salman Khan said there is a diversion where the celebs need to match dull privileged insights with important competitors. It is an extravagance spending errand. On the off chance that celebs win the errand, they will get to be bosses and the other way around. Bigg Boss called every one of the big names to the action room. They were provided some insight about a specific hopeful and celebs got it remedy.

VJ Bani is an extraordinary yearning for every one of the ladies in the country VJ Bani is a good example of wellness. Her affection for wellness and tattoos is outstanding and it truly appears from her picture and identity. There are couple of on-screen characters or models in the business that can coordinate the level of wellness as appeared by VJ Bani.

Also, she as of late assembled her biceps particularly for Bigg Boss season 10

Bani uncovered that it was her dear companion Gauahar, who persuaded her to take up the demonstrate this season.

Bani said “It wasn’t imperative for me to be on a reality appear. I happen to know individuals who have been challengers on this show. Gauahar was one of them. She is a dear companion and an enormous promoter for me to do this show. I think I am useful for unscripted tv as I am great at acting naturally. I will be straightforward and if individuals impact me they will like me and vote in favor of me…..

VJ Bani on being Body Shamed (Interview Excerpt)

Vj Bani was Body Shamed for her Muscular physical make-up. Remarking on the she said in a meeting “I have dribble commendable abs and a strong body by decision, and that has put me at the less than desirable end of so much body disgracing, it’s fantastic. India puts an excessive amount of accentuation on a specific sort of a body. For a lady, thin should be great, and if there’s any deviation — too thin, excessively fat, or solid (masculine, they call it!) – she hears no end about it.

For the vast majority, body disgracing starts when they are truly youthful. I have an adolescent companion, and I hear her dad call her fat, fatso and comparative names. He says them with affection, however why? Your family is your emotionally supportive network, your first shield against the world, and on the off chance that they start to chip at your self-regard and certainty like this, then who is there to bolster you?

Yet, I figure nobody comprehends what they are doing, truly. Luckily, despite the fact that I was excessively thin, wore displays and supports, and was somewhat inconvenient, nobody singled out me when I was a high schooler. At that point when I was 18, I participated in the truth indicate MTV Roadies. Feedback from kindred hopefuls, steady battles… it was super extreme, yet I survived. I didn’t simply win the opposition, additionally facilitated the following four periods of Roadies, and propelled my profession bigly.

Be that as it may, when I chose to truly work out at 19 years old and make my body as solid as could be expected under the circumstances, the disorder started. Nobody, neither men, nor ladies, could get it. Why do you work out to such an extent? Muscles for a lady… why? It is safe to say that you are truly alright, or do you require offer assistance….
There were constant questions, sometimes to my face, sometimes just blatantly visible on their faces. Industry people were most offensive. I still remember a well-known casting director who asked me if I had become a man yet; had I grown a penis yet? Seriously, she did!

This was really long ago, and I have bumped into her often since, but even though I was seriously upset, I don’t show any anger. I didn’t then, and haven’t since. These people are not worth it. They just want to one-up on others, and don’t get that different people may want different bodies. It’s beyond their comprehension that their definition of beauty is not the definition of beauty. I just let them be. Blatant ignoring works best — that’s the best lesson I learnt from Roadies. Also, over the years, I have realised that when you are not really sure of what you are and want to be, people will walk all over you, all the time.

I always fight for what’s right; I don’t take anything lying down. And I wanted to be a strong person, both mentally and physically. So I didn’t let others tell me otherwise. So what if I’m a woman and I have muscles? My plan was to unlock my strength — physical and mental and I am sticking to it. I love to work out. I am passionate about it. It gives me happiness, makes me feel secure and has netted me a body like no woman I know.

The minute you pay attention to what others (critics) say, they will tear you apart. Trust me I’ve been there. Today I see so many celebs thrashed, body shamed online — and these are beautiful, seemingly perfect-looking people. It’s only in India that my body is considered weird (or different), but as soon as I step out of the country, I get comments like ‘your body is fabulous’ and ‘it must have taken a lot of effort…’ from everyone.

Today I am in a happy space, personally and professionally. My career is really diverse as I am a model, a video jockey and an actress. I am getting movie roles that are based on my physicality, which is amazing. The film I did with Honey Singh, Zorawar (2016), where I played an assassin, sort of launched me in a special way in the industry. And now I am doing a Telugu film where, again, the makers sought me out because of the way I look.

I am a brand ambassador for a fitness app, and was the only non-athlete to be part of the Nike campaign that has 12 senior athletes, runners and others who represent the country. I think this is awesome, because it shows I am making something of myself by not letting detractors get me down.

I am happy that I am able to showcase the extent of body transformation women too can do. It’s all within us. Not in other people’s minds. So listen to your own self, always….


VJ Bani is currently not dating anyone and very much single….

















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