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Wedding drama Colors Bangla E Amar Gurudakshina

Wedding drama Colors Bangla E Amar Gurudakshina
It’s the ideal opportunity for some acting in Colors Bangla’s E Amar Gurudakshina (Subroto Roy Production)!

Asking why do we say as much?

Well perusers, the producers have sprinkled a considerable measure of zest in the story-line to make it exciting

According to our dependable source, in the coming scenes, it will be demonstrated that Mastermoshai (Tapas Pal) will disclose to Janardhan (Dipankar Dey) that Kumar is not a suitable husband to be for Soi (Debottama Saha). He will likewise include that she will never be content with Kumar.

Any thinks about how Janardhan will respond on listening to this?

Albeit at first he will get extremely irate, later he will offer authorization to Mastermoshai to go to Saheb’s (Biswarup Bandyopadhyay) house alongside Soi….
On the other side, Sraboni (Ishani Sengupta) will become tensed. Mita, Sraboni’s mother, will warn her daughter to hide some secrets under wraps.
Meanwhile, when Saheb will be ready to head for the marriage, a jewelry maker will land up at his house with Soi’s ear rings. This means once again a chaos will begin in the house.
However, eventually, Saheb will be able to reach Sraboni’s house and of course seeing the groom, everyone will be happy.
But guess what?
Mastermoshai and Soi too will reach the house…….

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