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SAB TV’s YARO is known for getting intriguing tracks in every scene. The up and coming plot satisfies that trademark as it will have a go head to head amongst Yaro and Chaturvedi.

In the coming scene, Chaturvedi (Umesh Bajpayee) would embarrass Amar (Abhishek Sharma) and Prem (Dheeraj Gumber) after they bomb yet another prospective employee meeting, however this mortification would transform into motivation as they would choose to begin their own nourishment truck and set out on their entrepreneurial excursion.

They would name their business-Friends Food Truck. They would chase for an old van and inevitably discover one for Rs. 2 lakhs. They would attempt every one of their contacts yet would be not able organize the assets.

Here Yaro would become acquainted with that there is an adrenaline junkie stunt challenge where whoever can ride a bicycle on a tightrope suspended 20 feet over the ground, could leave with a money prize worth Rs 2 lakhs. He would choose to go for broke for his companions.

He would effectively play out the undertaking and purchase the van. Agarwal (Rakesh Bedi) and Puppy sir would add to whatever remains of the expenses and the companions would plan to trap chaturvedi with a specific end goal to make him pay for the paint work.

In any case, Chaturvedi would become more acquainted with about the arrangement and would storm off in outrage. He would proclaim that as the secretary of the general public, he is declining to issue them the allow required to work the van. In any case, everybody would shape a one of a kind arrangement to make chaturvedi sign on the authorization papers.

Agarwal would approach Chaturvedi and incite him by saying that he is imbecilic and is no match for Yaro’s knowledge. Chaturvedi would get incited.
Hence, Agarwal would challenge him to a face-off with Yaro, where if he loses, he has to sign the permission letter and if he wins, Amar, Prem and Shilpi would leave the society.
At the face- off, Yaro would win and Chaturvedi would grudgingly signs the permission papers.
At the end, the food truck business would take off spectacularly. Chaturvedi, in a bout of jealousy, would decide to wreck their business by all means possible and keep throwing obstacles in the way of Yaro and his friends.
While Yaro and his friends would keep improvising new ways to keep the business growing and thriving despite Chaturvedi’s best attempts……

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